A couple of years ago. I was meet with ES acronym. That was a time when I didn’t know EventStorming and EventSourcing.

When I read many articles I feel a little confused. Because many times when the author wrote about EventStorming say short cut ES. In another place, I’m found EventSourcing with that same short.

This is not all. When I diving deep into EventSourcing I found another interesting name. With that same acronym.

If you knew EventSourcing probably you know what I mean. I talk about two brothers EventStore and EventStore. These two guys are really interesting. Because when starting doing research. I found a database witch name EventStore. Witch is invited by Greg Young.

Of course, that isn’t all. Because I say about two brothers. The older brother is EventStore. But he isn’t a database. Is more like the implementation of store events when we use EventSourcing.

Of course, four ES meanings are connected. And I will explain it in the feature of EvensLand blog. Stay tuned…